Yvette’s Story

Yvette’s Story “I think about them every day.  And I wonder if they think about me at all”.I was in college.  I went to a party probably had a few too many drinks. I was gang raped by a group of guys at this party.  I went back to my college and I pretended it never

Stephanie’s Story

Stephanie’s Story  “We’re just out here living our lives, trying to parent, trying to get up every day, trying to go to work, doing the best we can while we’re holding this part of us inside”.I don’t know if I have made sense of it. I have the super power where I can just tuck

Ivy’s Story

Ivy’s Story “I know many of my friends feel like they don’t know any women who were raped and assaulted, and it’s just not true. They know lots of people. We’re just not talking about it.“I’m in my seventies, and this experience happened almost 50 years ago. I was married and my marriage was dissolving and

Laraine’s Story

Laraine’s Story “I feel ashamed that I gave up that I didn’t keep fighting but I just didn’t want to be there. I wanted it to stop.” I went to a local bar where there’s pool hall and thought I’d just play a couple of games of pool. And there was a boy there that I knew


Experiencing and healing from sexual violence can affect our health, well-being, home life, work life, relationships and school life. You are not alone and help is available. The following resources are available 24/7 for survivors of sexual violence and their friends and families. The trained advocates who answer the hotlines are able to provide support,